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Global mobility brings many challenges to companies who are faced with the daunting task of providing exceptional benefits to their employees while containing the ever rising costs of global mobility programs. In order to maximize value while minimizing investment, companies need not only a service provider, but a true partner that can provide financial management and tactical solutions. OneSource Relocation offers that alliance. We can tap into our wealth of resources to simplify the mobility process for our clients, while simultaneously providing exceptional service and benefits to your employees. By leveraging our global network, we can build innovative service models, compress cycle time and reduce your overall program costs.

OneSource Relocation is able to provide our clients with the services and programs necessary to address their specific global mobility objectives. Our programs are designed and customized for each client and are delivered through a single point of coordination.

Each employee will be assigned to a OneSource Relocation Consultant who will be their single point of coordination for all services provided. The OneSource Consultant will walk the employee and their families through all aspects of the program, will be a valuable resource and will help establish a clear understanding of the relocation process. This will increase the employee’s understanding of the program and process and will provides them with the necessary support and guidance. From beginning to end, the OneSource Relocation Consultant will oversee the administration of all services including offered.