Global Services

Destination Services

Our destination services program is designed to help ease the transition for transferring employees and families. Each component of our destination services program is available on an “as needed” basis and can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual family. Our destination services portfolio includes a needs assessment, look/see trip, area orientation, home hunt, school search, temporary accommodation, settling-in services, spousal counseling and tenancy management. For foreign nationals coming to the U.S., we offer access to financial services including mortgages, car lease/financing and credit cards that help to solve the usual settling-in challenges.


Intercultural Training

This training focuses on information about the culture and business environment of the host location as well as building your employees’ and/or their families’ skills for successfully applying this knowledge to social and business relationships and everyday life.


Language Training

This helps prepare employees and families for living and working in their host country by training them in the local language and business vernacular. We offer customized, personal training programs.


Home Management

Our service provides reliable and dedicated home management professionals to oversee the employee’s home(s) while they are on assignment. Offered in many locations, this service includes screening, coordinating and supervising real estate agents and other suppliers.


Ongoing Assignment Management

We provide ongoing assignment support to your assignees through a single point of coordination for the length of the assignment. This support is designed around your program and includes relocation benefits review, assignment related allowances and immigration status.


Visa and Immigration Services

Our specialist guides employees through process of applying for a visa/ work papers for their global assignment. This effectively expedites the process and gets employees to the new location without hassle.


Tenancy Management

We offer the complete management of all housing related activities for employees on long term foreign assignment. This program includes finding suitable housing, help with managing related expenses and budgeting, as well as coordinating required repairs.


Family Assistance and Spouse Career Counseling

This service provides the highest level of proactive, personal support to employees and families in transition. Our programs are developed to meet your overall business strategy as well as the specific and changing needs of the employee and family. The programs include one on one lifestyle support, address family and special needs along with other career assistance.


Educational Assistance

We offer an international educational consulting service committed to helping families in transition find the right schools for their children. Our consultants understand families, schools, and the need for efficiency in a successful relocation.


Repatriation Support

This facilitates the repatriation process for employees returning from assignments. The objective is to retain valued employees who have gained new skills and added value to the company. Employees and their families receive support and training in order to deal with the challenges of readjusting to life back home.