Relocation Personified

Relocating to a new opportunity, a new job, a new country is more than just logistics.  It is a major life change that affects not only the employee, but their families as well.  At OneSource Relocation we recognize the human element of a relocation:  it is not just the physical movement of property, but the careful packing and moving of personal treasures and family memories; we are not selling a house, we are selling a home where children grew up; we are helping a family start the next chapter of their lives in an unfamiliar destination.


At OneSource Relocation our primary focus is on our clients, their relocating employees and their families.  We are company comprised of dedicated, caring, focused individuals with families who understand the stress and strain that a relocation puts on everyone and work to minimize the effects on the employee, their family and their employer.  What makes a successful relocation is not just the reporting systems and fancy mobile applications.  It’s about the people who drive the process, handle the bumps and hiccups, counsel the employee and their family through EVERY aspect of their relocation, and provide a supportive voice and a willing ear to listen to their concerns.  At OneSource, we are not solely focused on logistics and process.  We are focused on the person.  After experiencing the service and attention provided by the OneSource team, you will understand the difference between Relocation and Relocation Personified.