Our Perspective

What Matters at One Source

We are an extension of your organization.  We will always act in your best interest, with the best resources, keeping your employee at the center of the relocation process.  As such, there is a list of core values by which we do business.


One of our company’s guiding principles is to be accessible.  It’s meaningful on several levels.  Logistically speaking, our client service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Clients and transferees have the personal cell phone numbers of their entire team and emails and texts are answered with no delay.  More so, OneSource as an organization is accessible.  We have a flat structure with every employee within easy reach of our clients.  There aren’t layers of administration to navigate to get a question answered.



We believe in empowering amazing people to make things happen.  Every person is accountable for the success of not only their transferee and the client, but of our company.  We are, each of us, accountable for how things go.  And, with that responsibility comes a lot of freedom to make decisions that are in the best interest of our client.  We are, each of us, accountable for the success of every relocation.



We will always act as an advocate for your organization.  We will protect your interests from every aspect including choosing only the best vendors that compete on service, making policy recommendations that enhance your relocation offerings, auditing the bills we pay on your behalf, and using our knowledge to help shape your relocation program, its offering and its delivery.



We will always employ the industry’s finest in delivering our relocation solutions.  And, we think that means some of the industry’s most experienced.  If someone has seen what works and what doesn’t, they have the experience to be creative in crafting new and innovative solutions to issues that arise.    We rely both internally and through our vendor network on a tremendous history of relocation experience.  We always say, it is better to have one incredible employee who can move mountains than two or more who can’t.



We are an independent relocation management company.  We are not owned by a transportation company or a real estate company.  Therefore, we are completely able to act as your advocate, beholden to no one.  Our vendors are selected by us, through stringent selection formulas and compete for and protect their business based on service.  Also, we have the freedom to get creative for clients based on their particular needs rather than a client having to fit into a pre-formulated program.  Being independent allows us to protect our clients’ interests rather than a big parent company’s.


Service Quality

Our success as a relocation management company depends on the delivery of consistent, exceptional service with a demonstrable ROI.  Our client retention and client satisfaction speaks volumes about our service quality.  We successfully handle what can be a daunting and complicated business endeavor where a failure can be expensive to your bottom line.  We stand behind our proven quality of service.