Program Administration Services

The majority of OneSource Relocation clients outsource the entire relocation process to us in order to focus their attention on core competencies. Our approach is to personalize each client program and deliver the desired level of support. We recognize the importance of flexibility and accountability in everything we do. Your relocation program will benefit from our expertise and programs that we have developed over the years. OneSource Relocation presents ideas and solutions that add value in other areas such as recruiting, management reporting and information on current industry trends.

Employee Policy Counseling

Your employees face many challenges and important decisions during a move. Time constraints, a new work environment and family considerations all add to the stress, which affects productivity and may lead to a declined transfer or failed assignment. Early and effective counseling are key contributors to the overall success of the move. OneSource Relocation assigns an individual consultant who excels at building strong and confident relationships to put your employee at ease. This process is powered by counselors who ensure each transfer is completed in an efficient, worry-free manner. OneSource Relocation consultants are available whenever you need them.

  • Decreases costly policy exceptions
  • Increases employee understanding of the program and process
  • Provides the employee with support and guidance

Equity Funding

Employees may receive equity loans or advances from OneSource Relocation to make the new home purchase more efficient. OneSource Relocation will fund an employee’s equity upon the execution of a bona fide sales agreement. In addition, should an employee require funds prior to the completion of a homesale transaction, OneSource Relocation can compute and disburse equity to the employee, subject to the guidelines of your policy.

Family Assistance and Spouse Career Counseling

OneSource partners with family assistance firms to provide the highest level of proactive, personal support to employees and families in transition. Our programs are developed to meet both the overall business strategy of corporate partners and the specific and changing needs of program participants. The programs provide one-on-one lifestyle resource support, spouse career assistance, and outplacement services to individuals from all walks of life and professional levels. As participants consider changing careers, finding new jobs, beginning entrepreneurial endeavors, or settling into a new community, they are directly supported by a transition consultant.

  • Increases employee acceptance rate
  • Decreases the chance for assignment failure
  • Enhances the employee and family experience