Group Move Consulting

OneSource Relocation has the experience and the resources to coordinate the complexities of a group move. Our professionals can manage the entire process from the earliest planning stages through the settlement of the final employee. Successful management of the process involves attention to detail in areas such as Project Planning, Employee Policy and Program Briefings, Destination Orientation, Management Briefings, Cost Projections and Budgeting.

  • Provides streamlined communication through a single point of coordination
  • Decreases costs through our strict budgetary adherence
  • Maintains operational continuity and productivity throughout the move

Policy Consulting

Without a formal relocation policy, many organizations are forced into negotiating each move on an individual basis. This case-by-case approach challenges relocation administrators and often results in inconsistent and costly transfers. OneSource Relocation works closely with clients to benchmark, design and develop a relocation policy that reflects their individual corporate culture. With this tool, companies gain a competitive advantage in the recruitment and retention of employees.

  • Includes strategic recommendations based on extensive policy reviews
  • Produces industry specific benchmark studies
  • Communicates industry best practices and trends