Program Administration Services

Expatriation Support

OneSource Relocation will provide ongoing assignment support to your assignees through a single point of coordination for the length of the assignment. This support is designed around your program and includes relocation benefits review, assignment related allowances and immigration status.

  • Provides your assignee with a personal advisor
  • Enhances employee perception of the assignment
  • Pro-actively identifies and resolves potential issues

Repatriation Support

OneSource facilitates the repatriation process for employees returning from assignments. The objective is to retain valued employees who have gained new skills and added value to the company. Employees and their families receive support and training in order to deal with the challenges of readjusting to life back home.

  • Increases employee retention
  • Identifies new job opportunities for newly obtained skills and knowledge
  • Promotes a simple and timely transition for the employee and family

Family Assistance & Spouse Career Counseling

OneSource partners with family assistance firms to provide the highest level of proactive, personal support to employees and families in transition. Our programs are developed to meet both the overall business strategy of corporate partners and the specific and changing needs of program participants. The programs provide one-on-one lifestyle resource support, spouse career assistance, and outplacement services to individuals from all walks of life and professional levels. As participants consider changing careers, finding new jobs, beginning entrepreneurial endeavors, or settling into a new community, they are directly supported by a transition consultant.

  • Increases employee acceptance rate
  • Decreases the chance for assignment failure
  • Enhances the employee and family experience

Visa & Immigration Services

OneSource guides employees through the process of applying for a visa or work papers for their global assignment. This effectively expedites the process and gets employees to the new location without hassle.

  • Provides professional direction and advice for your employees
  • Communicates any upcoming renewal action items
  • Reduces paperwork and administrative burden