Destination Services

Our destination services not only encompass traditional home finding and rental assistance, settling in and departure services, but can also include, area orientation, educational consulting, furniture rental, mortgage services, property insurance, and auto purchase/lease programs. To ensure a successful international assignment, our global destination services focus on leveraging local expert resources, no matter the market. Still utilizing streamlined communication, OneSource partners with global firms around the world to best prepare your employee and their families for an international assignment.

HomeFinding Assistance

Finding and buying the right home in a new location in a short period can be intimidating, especially for an international assignment. OneSource Relocation is dedicated to making the homefinding process as worry-free as possible so your employee can make informed investment decisions. All the employee’s needs and expectations are profiled and communicated ahead of time to maximize the house hunting trip. OneSource Relocation will assign the real estate professional who is best suited to the specific needs of each employee and can select the communities and homes that best match employee expectations.

Area Orientation

OneSource will coordinate a customized Area Orientation program to suit your employee’s needs, time, and schedule. Our orientation services include area familiarization tours, counseling on geographic areas, and detailed neighborhood information on schools, daycares, utilities, medical facilities, recreation facilities, churches, etc. as needed. We will assign a local destination consultant that specializes in relocation to guide your candidate or employee in becoming familiar with the community. Our orientation services are designed to help your employee and family enjoy their new location to the fullest.

Tenancy Management

We offer complete management of all housing related activities for employees on long term foreign assignment. This program includes finding suitable housing, help with managing related expenses and budgeting, as well as coordinating required repairs.

  • Reduces the employee’s time spent on home related matters
  • Manages housing budget and reduces unnecessary expenses
  • Provides continual support and assistance to employees

Rental Assistance

OneSource Relocation delivers an exceptional level of service to those who choose to rent when relocating. Finding a rental home or apartment in the new area can be just as stressful as making a purchase decision. OneSource will ensure that a knowledgeable rental professional is available to conduct an initial needs assessment, narrow the community search, and assist in locating a suitable and convenient place to call home.

Furniture Rental

Whether it be for an entire home, an apartment or just one room, our furniture rental partners provide a large selection of quality, name brand furniture to fit any style and budget. There are several packages and options to choose from with fast and efficient delivery worldwide.