Consulting Services

Intercultural Training

Our Intercultural Training service focuses on information about the culture and business environment of the host location as well as building your employees’ and/or their families’ skills for successfully applying this knowledge to social and business relationships and everyday life situations. We utilize local resources for our intercultural and language training services to best prepare employees and their families for an assignment.  It’s important to us to leverage those resources who are expert in the local market and culture.  We partner with the best global firms to deliver lifestyle transition and support.

  • Reduces the risk of a costly assignment failure
  • Eases employee and family anxiety before leaving on assignment
  • Enhances employee productivity in the destination location

Language Training

OneSource Relocation’s Language Training service prepares employees and families for living and working in their host country by training them in the local language and business vernacular. We offer customized, personal training programs.

  • Allows employees to settle in faster
  • Increases employee and family confidence in the new location
  • Provides job confidence and productivity

Educational Assistance

Our educational consulting partners are committed to helping families in transition find the right schools for their children.  The consultants understand families, schools, and the need for efficiency in a successful relocation.

  • Consultants are well versed in and well connected to the local and international schools
  • Facilitates the process from the initial discussion of schools to school placements
  • Committed to working in a timely manner to present a variety of individually tailored options suited to each family